63mm MDPE Water Pipe Black 12 bar PE80 from City Irrigation Ltd


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63mm Mdpe Water Pipe Black 12 Bar Pe80 X 6m

63mm Mdpe Water Pipe Black 12 Bar Pe80 X 6m

Ref: HPMDB0636



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6 metre straight length of MDPE pipe
Black 63mm MDPE pipe is approved for use in surface drinking water installations, and for general use
For underground mains water use Blue MDPE pipe

63mm Black MDPE PE80 pipe SDR 11 has a 12 bar Rating @ 20 deg C
Material: Black Medium Density Polyethylene, PE80
Sizes: Our Black MDPE pipe is available in 25m, 50m, 100m and 150m coils. 50mm and 63mm MDPE pipe is also available in 6m lengths. 12m Lengths can also be supplied as a special order subject to minimum quantities.
OD = 63mm
ID = 50.9mm
Weight 105kg per 100m

Information, sizes and weights, are quoted for guidance only Pipework complies with the dimensions specified within
BS 6572 for Blue MDPE Pipe and BS6730 for Black MDPE Pipe

Usually available next day from our large stock of MDPE Pipe and MDPE Pipe Fittings

This type of pipe is often refered to as Polypipe, Poly, Alkathene, Blue Water pipe, PE pipe

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63mm Mdpe Water Pipe Blue 12 Bar Pe80 X 6m


Main Store Page |  MDPE Water Pipe and PE Pipe |  Black MDPE Water Pipe |  63mm MDPE Water Pipe Black 12 bar PE80  |  63mm Mdpe Water Pipe Black 12 Bar Pe80 X 6m


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